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About AJ

AJ has been entertaining family and friends in some form or other since he was three years old. His career as a professional performer began in college, at a party, soon after he uncased his guitar and started playing some songs for his friends. After two songs, a manager of a local bar came up to him and said, “Hey man, you gotta come play at our club!”

And AJ was thinking, “They are going to pay me for this? To do my favorite thing in the world? Okay then! I’m in!” Thus ended AJ’s 90-day college career. He’s been gigging ever since. Now that’s making the best of your college experience.

Then a few years later, it happened again. AJ was playing an afternoon solo gig at a bar. The band that was playing that night cancelled. The manager asked AJ if he could get a band together, to play that night. AJ called a couple of his musician friends. The show went so well that the club owner fired his regular band and hired AJ and his “band” to play every weekend. Fast forward a few years and a thousand gigs, and AJ was known throughout Central Ohio as the front man for the hottest band around: Just Another Band.

In the 1990’s, AJ went back to playing solo gigs, now finely seasoned by a decade of performing on big stages with excellent musicians. His singing, his guitar playing, his passion for music hit new highs, and have gone up from there!

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