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Woman and Children are free.


Adult Male Fees for the Angelo Reunion...

$190 + $4 processing fee Per Adult Male (3 Days or more)


$100 + $3 processing fee Per Adult Male (2 Days)


$50 + $2 processing fee Per Adult Male (1 Day only)


If paying for multiple Adult Males, increase the Quantity box to increase number of males attending.  If combining stay types, add each type one at a time to the Cart. The Cart will then add up all the stay types.


Donations in the amount of $25 increments can also be made, if you want to donate to cover general costs.  You can increase the amount in increments of $25 by increasing the Quantity box.


If you are unable to pay the full amount, DO NOT let that keep you from attending!  You pay what you can, if anything at all... Just be there!  Select Other to pay in increments of $10 as needed.


Pre-Payments are appreciated prior to the reunion to reduce the amount of fee collection at the reunion.


PayPay and Credit/Debit Cards are processed based on their terms and conditions. Online Reunion fee payments amounts, include a minor processing fee.


For questions contact AJ Angelo 614-306-2615.



Angelo 40 Year Reunion Fee/Donations